About Us      


Bladestar Renewables Ltd is a service provider for Inspection, Repair, and Service works on blades and towers.

Our principal aim is to help protect your asset and extend the life of your WTG with quality guidance and repairs.

We undertake projects globally for various turbine manufacturers both on and offshore. Our highly trained and competent technicians provide the highest quality of workmanship.  

We use several access methods such as rope access, blade platform, and mewps.

Bladestar is a blade repair specialist, however we are able to provide manpower for various other roles.  More info can be found on our other services page. 


Our highly specialised and experienced teams of IRATA certified Rope Access Technicians are a safe, fast and cost efficient solution for a range of wind turbine maintenance activities.  As an alternative to rope access we can also offer Blade Access Platforms or MEWPS depending on client preference/project requirements.    

All our technicians are trained to the highest standards and undergo regular trade testing to ensure our quality management standards are met.  We conduct all repairs to Blade D finishing standard.  We are passionate about the work we do, and provide excellent warranties on our workmanship. 

Why Bladestar? Setting out the difference...

Here at Bladestar Renewables we are passionate about providing the best service possible to our clients.  We strive to be the best in the industry.  We pride ourselves on a very well organised business and our meticulous attention to detail.  Cost is a massive factor for our clients and we understand this.  Working with our clients and customers,  together we create the most cost effective solution whilst upholding our world class workmanship.  All works completed by Bladestar will be covered by warranty.  

Drawing on our 15 years of combined experience, we have a vast in depth knowledge of multi brand blade engineering.  Bladestar repair manager is a Siemens Blade D, whom also instructed on the Siemens blade D course.  All of our technicians as a minimum will have Blade B/GWO Blade repair.  With an industry growing so rapidly,  we are always evolving to meet customer expectations!