Blade Inspections and Repairs      

Blade Inspection

Throughout the lifetime of the WTG, the blades will be exposed to an abundance of extreme factors. It is absolutely crucial that blades are inspected thoroughly at recommended intervals to keep the machine operating at peak performance. The blade is a vital component in the production of the WTG.

We use a few select methods when inspecting blades. These are, but are not limited to, Rope Access, Drone(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and MEWPS. We evaluate and advise which method is best for each individual customer should there be different requirements needed.


Blade Repair

Due to a number of factors blades will at some point in their lifetime become damaged. These damages can vary from Transport/Installation damage, Lightning strikes, bird strikes, Manufacturer defects to name but a few.

Our technicians undergo extensive training and have vast experience within the industry. Our in-house blade manager will deliver the best quality guidance when deciding on the repair plan. We offer extensive warranties on our workmanship for repairs also. We specialise in complex repairs but are engaged in all types of blade works:

  • Leading Edge Erosion

  • Tip Repairs

  • Transport/Installation Damage

  • Retrofits: Shells, Dynotails, Spoilers

  • Core Replacements

  • Vacuum Consolidation 

  • Web Cracks

  • Manufacturing Defects

  • End of Warranty Campaigns 

  • Internal/External inspections with LPS Check

  • Drone Inspections

  • Ground Based Camera Inspections